Concrete worktops – The ultimate in design & fabrication

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Concrete doesn’t get enough credit. A Concrete Basin? Manholes are concrete, buildings are concrete, multi storey car parks are concrete. Basins are not concrete, surely?

Well actually concrete is the hot new material to create basins from. Whether you live in a snug house or a modern apartment, concrete sinks are coming into their own as one of the most versatile materials for creating a sink. Aesthetically they certainly make a statement – but what about practicality?

Fu-Tang Cheng who even wrote a book ‘Concrete Countertops: Design, Forms, and Finishes for the New Kitchen and bath had this to say on the matter:

It makes a statement. Yes concrete is an inexpensive material, traditionally reversed for construction and foundations, however thanks to it’s malleable state its able to be turned into any form imaginable – it can become something sculptural and bespoke. If you use a material such as ceramic, it is considerably harder to produce, as it requires kiln-firing at high temperatures! Concrete on the other hand is a much more forgiving material – it’s easily transformed into almost any shape you like.

So now we’re into it, what are the advantages of a concrete sink?

You get to choose the size, shape surface texture – if you have a sink that fits perfectly like a glove into the space that you have decided for your home and it also looks exactly how you want. The look of a concrete worktop works with any kind of style, whether you’re going for a rusting aesthetic or something more modern it can fit with anything and moulded to suit.

Unlike other exotic materials which have to quite often be shipped from abroad, concrete can reliably be locally sourced, from materials such as gravel, stone and cement, so the carbon footprint is much lower!

Is a concrete sink suitable for me?
Well it depends what you’re looking for, many people are installing concrete worktops and basins in kitchens, and if you have a professional who really knows what they’re doing they can make it work despite the durability issue – it might require you to embrace that worn out look over time though. The bathroom is also a fantastic place for the concrete sink, as its much more gentle. You’re only going to have to put up with toothbrushing and a bit of soap.

You need the best concrete sink maker you can find in order to get the exact shape, texture, finish that you’re after – make sure you do your research!