Once you have chosen Fluid Stone Studio to fabricate your new concrete worktops we will either arrange a time to come and template the kitchen or you could provide adequate drawings if appropriate. If we are to come and make a template then we need confirmation that the kitchen units are fully fitted in their final position. Templates usually take a couple of hours to complete so during this time we can also discuss any design details, colour options and plan/overcome any access issues. Once we have our template, production can begin and an estimated installation date can be agreed, this is typically 4-6 weeks.


The mould building process is something that can take anywhere from two days to two weeks depending on the complexities involved. We use a number of materials from fibreglass, plastic, steel, wood and even plaster to create our formwork. Once the formwork is complete we use the appropriate mix design to fill the mould. This can be achieved by spraying, hand packing or pouring and vibrating (depending on the finished style required).


Once the concrete has set we wrap it with plastic to keep in the all-important moisture. Heat is applied to aid the chemical curing of the cement and water particles. This is then left to cure for several days. The chemical reactions that take place during the cement hydration process are something that simply cannot be rushed.

The next step is to de-mould, flip and polish the worktops. We can fill any voids that may have occurred during the casting process and re-polish (although we usually like to leave voids on the edge for a truly authentic concrete look).  After the final polish, we leave the concrete for a couple of days to completely dry out before beginning the sealing process. We offer coatings, but our preferred method of sealing is something that we have mastered with years of practice. It involves using flames and Nano technology!


On the day of installation it is the client’s responsibility to provide adequate manpower to lift the worktops into position. We are happy to make massive concrete work surfaces up to 4.8mtrs long by 1.5 metres wide, but lifting them into position can be awkward so it is best to have as many strong helpers on hand to avoid any costly accidents. We have built a number of custom trolleys, dollies and carts for manoeuvring the heaviest concrete surfaces and worktops.

The final payment must be made before the day of installation or on the day at the very latest. This can be arranged either through bank transfer, cheque or through Pay Pal. We can also accept cash upon request.