Would you like to add some unique flair to your home? Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom with an elegantly sculpted concrete basin. Its durability allows concrete sinks and basins to last for many years. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes for your concrete basin, allowing you to match your other décor. 


Given the growing interest in interior design, we thought we would share our thoughts on why you should choose a concrete basin for your bathroom or kitchen.




The history of concrete as a building material is thousands of years old, and it has been used by civilisations and societies all around the world. It is something that has stood the test of time and ‘timeless’ is exactly the quality and style it brings to a room. 

polished concrete sink


If you are wanting to add a statement piece to your kitchen or bathroom then concrete should be your first choice, as it’s extremely versatile and stylish. Using concrete is an easy way to bring style to your home with no hassle. At Fluid Stone Studios we have a wide range of contemporary concrete basins you can choose from, and can even be designed on a bespoke basis . 



Strength and durability 


When you are trying to decide what sort of basin to go for, you want to choose one that will stand the test of time. From a practical point of view, concrete’s credentials stack up as a material that is strong and durable. We only need to again reference architectural history to highlight this fact and its application for bathroom basins is no different. Concrete can easily withstand a lot and as long as you take good care of your concrete basin, you’ll be able to use it for decades to come.

concrete basins

Easy maintenance 


One of the best advantages of having a concrete basin is that they are really easy to maintain. We all have busy schedules and finding time to clean our home can become difficult. For this reason, having a concrete basin can be beneficial. Concrete sinks can be cleaned simply by running a wet cloth over it and voila, it’s clean. 


Concrete basins can be repaired with ease so if you somehow manage to damage your concrete basin, the repair is pretty straightforward for a professional to manage – we are always on hand to help here at Fluid Stone Studio. 

polished concrete

Statement piece 


One other reason why concrete basins are a great choice is that it presents a great opportunity to make a statement piece in your kitchen or bathroom.  Choosing concrete means you’re opting for something a little bit unorthodox – a quality that’s instantly recognisable. 

Concrete basins come straight from the mold, making them seamless and visually appealing. Moreover, concrete has a wide range of natural variations that makes no two concrete basins alike. Therefore, it is uniquely yours and yours alone. These points are the icing on the cake that make them even more special.


concrete sinks


Here at Fluid Stone Studios we handcraft modern, elegant and robust polished concrete sink/basins in our North Wales workshops. We also undertake custom designed projects and can fabricate bespoke basins/sinks in almost any size and shape, so contact us today with your exciting design and ideas.