Minimalism is a simple design style that is a practical way to decorate a room, making it feel open, clean, and comfortable.

Minimalism is a design style that emphasises extreme simplicity focusing on clean lines, minimal colour, and basic shapes. The classic design style highlights the architectural features of a room rather than covering them up with decor, aiming to emphasise the true nature of each aspect of design.


Designing a minimal interior is a simple way to add warmth and comfort to a home or office. It eliminates clutter and creates a peaceful environment. Examples of a minimalist design are:


Clean lines


In a minimalist home, bare walls, clean benches, and furniture with clean lines are essential. Objects and furniture are allowed to breathe instead of being cluttered. Keeping walls clean with minimal artwork, and surfaces free from piles of papers, stacks of magazines, and an uncontrolled collection of knick-knacks is a priority.




Natural colours


A minimalistic home always starts with natural colours. You can create a fresh and calm environment for your home by adding natural tones. By using white bases, you can incorporate natural tones of greys, tans, and beiges without overwhelming the space. 






Play with texture


concrete worktop

Avoid your home feeling cold or bland by adding texture to it. Texture can be added through materials and fabrics. Our concrete kitchen worktops are perfect for adding contrast and texture to any space. It is possible to create a much more natural and raw aesthetic look with concrete than any other surface, especially if you use board-formation techniques based on natural textures. 





Less is more


One of the main foundations to any minimalist interior is less is more. Spaces must be kept simple and clean. If you are going to adopt the minimalist style, you will need to put a lot of thought into the arrangement of your interiors and always be willing to remove pieces until the space feels perfect





Personal touches


Just because you’ve chosen minimalism for your home, doesn’t mean you can’t put your own personal touches to it. For your home to be a home you love, you must also include items that are personal to you, whether it be a wall full of photos or a collection of things you’ve collected during your travels.





Designing your home the minimalist way will enable you to create an atmosphere of elegance that is reflected in simplicity, moderation, and carefully selected decorations.