Concrete worktops – The ultimate in design & fabrication

Fluid Stone Studio specialises in the production of handcrafted worktops, sinks, basins, shower trays, fireplaces, panels, tiles, countertops and outdoor furniture.

Is a concrete sink for you?

There are many reasons why you should get a concrete sink. What you need to bare in mind is to ask the question – is the concrete sink right for you? Make sure that you can understand not only the pros but also the cons and subjective elements which relate to your specific wants and needs.

Concrete sinks have a different kind of appeal than the majority of different kinds of sinks that are available on e market. Concrete basins are something that can be customised in its entirety, you will be able to have many of your basin dreams realised. Your sink will be made for you – you’ll be hard pressed to find another sink like it.


A Beautiful Option

You will find the concrete sink is incredibly attractive and bold – and durable. Concrete is renown for its strong and sturdy nature – don’t forget that they make the foundations of buildings out of it! And this fact applies when using it for your sink. You will have plenty of years afforded to you whenever you have a concrete sink as they are very difficult to damage. It’s common for your sink be made to integrate right into your countertop. This will allow for a smooth transition and a beautiful look.


It’s a specialist job

A downside to concrete sinks is the fact that they will need to be sealed – otherwise cracks and chips will almost certainly end up happening and you will have to get them taken care of as soon as possible as so they will not have the opportunity to get any worse. This is something that is not very difficult, but absolutely integral. Make sure that you’re able to set aside time to do this task as soon as you see any chips or cracks with your concrete sink.

Installation is something that you’re going to have issues with with a concrete sink – there’s no denying it. A concrete sink is incredibly heavy, special support is needed so you can get it installed correctly.

The fact of the matter is that concrete sinks can be the best thing for a house – providing the best in water utility appliance. It does depend however that whoever making or installing the sink is particularly skilled – there’s a lot of things to remember and if an amateur attempted it it’s easy to miss seemingly small issues.

For these reasons many people choose to use a professional concrete sink specialist who can take care of the entire process from start to finish – just like Fluid Stone Studio. A concrete expert will be able to properly assess your needs, desires and create a product that will fit in to your life superbly.