Concrete worktops – The ultimate in design & fabrication

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Concrete is the best way to achieve an industrial aesthetic in your home, and this style is showing no signs of going out of fashion. But whilst not all of us are lucky enough to call a refurbished warehouse our home – with copper piping and the original floors – we can still add elements to our properties to achieve this industrial look. 

Modern concrete pieces can be elegant and light, with the added benefit of being durable, making it a popular material to use for home decor. But why else should we use concrete within our interiors?


Benefits of Using Concrete Furniture

  • Durability

As previously mentioned, concrete is extremely durable. It can hold heavy items, its resistance to scratches, and it can withstand hot and cold temperatures. It won’t warp over time, although it may eventually develop some hairline cracks which only enhance its look. 

  • Versatility

Concrete can be moulded to pretty much any shape you desire, in many colour and texture variants – it’s the most versatile material around. It can be clean and glossy, or handmade and full of texture.

Concrete can create more of a natural and raw aesthetic compared to other surfaces, especially when using board-forming techniques from natural textures or using our preferred method of sealing with no plastics. It can even create a warmer environment than steel, glass or wrought iron. 

  • It Can Be Sealed

Using sealers over the concrete means it will be very resistant to staining. They harden up the surface of the concrete and make it less porous, making it more difficult for any liquids or dirt to penetrate it. 

  • Not Too Heavy

Despite what you might think, concrete really doesn’t have to be that heavy. Reinforced concrete techniques can give your pieces a solid weight that won’t break your back should you need to move it around.

  • Easy Maintenance

Concrete creations can be repaired a lot more easily than some other materials found within a home. Chips can usually be filled or repaired quickly, and when you compare this to glass or acrylic, it’s much more of a simple process. 

You can clean your concrete pieces with just soap and water too!

  • Non-Toxic & Safe

Concrete is a non-toxic and food safe material, which has non or little VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by it. It is also not a flammable material.

If you would like your concrete furniture designs brought to life, please contact us and we can work with you to make it a reality.

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Why Use Concrete In Your Home?
Modern concrete pieces can be elegant and light, with the added benefit of being durable, making it a popular material to use for home decor.
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