Concrete basins and sinks have a very different appeal to the usual stainless steel or ceramic sinks you might find in a home. Their design is timeless yet contemporary – it will be hard for you to find something similar. 

We answer some FAQs about concrete basins. 


concrete basinIs a concrete basin a good choice for my home?

If you are looking for a more unique, one of a kind, or contemporary styling for your home, then a concrete sink or basin is definitely a choice you should be considering. 

Concrete sinks are attractive, sturdy, require little maintenance, and can be installed into your home just like any other. 



Can I customise a concrete basin?

Of course – a benefit to using concrete is that it can be cast to pretty much any shape you like. Whatever concrete basin design idea you have, you are welcome to discuss with us at Fluidstone. We love taking on bespoke projects!



Are concrete sinks durable?

A concrete sink, whether built into a concrete worktop or a standalone basin is very durable. Concrete, of course, is a super strong and sturdy material – and is no different when it comes to being used for your sink. 

At Fluidstone, our concrete basins use a well-engineered concrete mix to provide the most hardwearing surface available, without compromising on having the natural raw aesthetic of concrete. 

A concrete sink/basin is very difficult to damage, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have it in good condition for a long time.


concrete basin


Do you need to provide maintenance for a concrete basin?

Our concrete basins require little maintenance, except they may need to be resealed after around 10 years. This isn’t difficult, but important to stop any chips or cracks from developing later on down the line. 


How do I clean a concrete basin?

Simple washing up liquid can go a long way when it comes to removing any stains on your basin. Make sure not to confuse the natural patina, the marks which come with the ageing of concrete, with food/dirt markings. 

It is best not to use acidic liquids such as vinegar and citrus-based cleaners on concrete basins. These can potentially etch the surface as they would on materials like marble too. 


Can I get an integrated concrete sink?

When purchasing one of our polished concrete countertops, you can choose to get an integrated sink alongside other details. We can give an accurate quote from very simple ideas. 


concrete basinWhat colours can I choose from for a concrete basin?

Most people think that concrete only comes in grey – but this is wrong. Whilst grey is a popular choice, concrete basins can be made in pretty much any colour you desire. 

We can cast concrete basins in; charcoal black, white, many pastel options and earth tones to name a few. If you have a particular colour theme you are sticking too, we can provide you with colour samples. 


If you’re planning on getting a concrete sink/basin, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions you have. 



Concrete Basin FAQ
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Concrete Basin FAQ
Using concrete for basins is timeless yet contemporary - it will be hard for you to find something similar. 
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