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CONCRETE. Concrete is everywhere!

It’s under our feet, above our heads, forming the foundations, structure and décor of buildings we live in and the cities we inhabit. But it’s no longer just a tool of convenience. Neigh – It has infiltrated every part of our lives.

Bookshelves creak under the heavy volume of hefty writings which go into great detail explaining the beauty of concrete! Homes themselves are filled with concrete worktops, concrete sinks, concrete shower basins.

How on earth did a mixture of cement and sand, which has in the past been seen as ugly and basic, become the ultimate lifestyle concept? In this article we will explore why concrete has become such a brilliant and iconic material.

What attracts people to concrete?

For many, it’s the very qualities that people don’t like about concrete that attracts other people to it.

It’s the geological heft, the rugged look, the grittiness.

Concrete unlocks the ‘industrial’ or even ‘futuristic’ look in interior finishes. The previously exclusively urban material is now entering the home on all fronts, from floors, walls, furniture (and of course, worktops and sinks).

But surely that’s like living in a multi-storey car park? Right? Well, actually concrete melds with other materials so well that it looks handsome side by side with other materials such as wood, marble, copper and brass, this works to neutralise its ‘brutal’ tendencies.

This is true of legendary concrete aficionados…

Barnabas Calder who has passionately argued on the beauty of brutalism, or even David Scott who built an entire castle made of concrete in Rural Scotland. Modern Architects love to incorporate concrete into their designs, or even have it take it over completely such as Peter Zumthor’s ‘rammed concrete house’ in south Devon, which took 10 years to realise!

Concrete made its way into modern kitchens with companies like Fluid Stone Studio creating fantastically contemporary, stylish and durable worktops that bring the kitchen design into the 21st century.

by Alan Partridge

Concrete Is so Versatile, It Can Be Made However You like It

Concrete is very much a ‘have it your way’ kind of material. While many people enjoy it’s raw, minimally treated and exposed look, concrete itself makes a big statement to aesthetics.

While in the past this is true, it’s also due to the fact that concrete is incredibly malleable! Concrete can be moulded, cast and cut into any shape imaginable, a lot of the time, concrete furniture, ornaments or other objects you wouldn’t even know that it’s made of concrete at all.

Take a look at our case studies to see what’s possible when it comes to concrete.

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