Polished Concrete Worktops in Stockport

Concrete Kitchen Worktops in Contemporary Interior Design

Concrete does not have to be industrial and brutalist – it can also be used with much more finesse and class. These traditional hand-painted cabinets are a perfect example of when concrete can be ‘grown up’ with a distinguished air of charm. The polished concrete worktops and brass fittings will always be a classic combination that oozes style. The owners of this modernistic kitchen/dining /living area certainly have a natural talent for ‘what goes’.

The brass fittings are echoed throughout the space. From the vintage-styled taps and waste to the modern tall bar stools made with aged brass rods in a mid-century hairpin design. The authentic door handles have a solid and satisfying quality to them as do the protruding hinges. The geometric tiled floor also accents the brass hues to frame the kitchen area and create a defined zone between cooking and dining.

This particular island was 2.4 metres in length and 1.8metres wide with a large integrated cast concrete sink. The colour chosen was a natural Portland grey cast at 40mm edge thickness. Drainer grooves were also cast into the worktop to provide a functional working space. The top was polished to a mid-sheen and sealed with a reactive densifier.

What we love about this project:

First and foremost we love the layout design of this room. The large open living space is divided into 3 distinct areas which are perfect for entertaining. They have managed to keep a cosy feel to each area whilst still maintaining the airy open-plan aesthetic. The ceiling height and full aspect width glass doors let in plenty of the north-facing light offering cinematic views of the garden and patio area. The doors can also slide open fully to allow a fourth dimension to the already ample living areas.

The Wolf double oven range cooker is also a firm favourite of ours – perfect for hosting Christmas dinner or large family get-togethers with plenty of gas hob rings to make cooking a breeze. There is also an industrial-sized extractor hood cleverly concealed within the back wall. This is a definite ‘must’ when designing a large open plan living area. Unwanted cooking odours should not be wafting into the lounging area!

The use of the coloured LED lights in dark corners really gives the room a nice warm and inviting feel.

Much more ‘hip’ than the usual lamps with shades. The glowing circus sign is also a very cool focal point with a quirky vibe. The use of the scaffold bulkhead lighting with vibrantly coloured cabling and warm tungsten style bulbs is also a very nice touch that helps to divide the zones.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any up and coming projects you may have – we are always happy to give advice and also send out samples of concrete. There are many colours to choose from. We also give out free detailed quotes. If you would like a quote for your new project, just send over any drawings you have no matter how simple, just make sure to include overall sizes, the thickness required, and details of any cutouts needed. We will get back to you asap