It is probably no great surprise to you that we love concrete. We can also be the first to admit that concrete isn’t perfect, but with having made concrete worktops from it for years, and seeing how it turns out, we would still choose it every time. But why do we think it is so great?

Firstly, concrete is highly customisable. You can form it into pretty much any shape, or mix it to any colour you desire. You can even get different things embedded into concrete, unique accents to personalise your pieces. Your concrete design can be poured into one mould to avoid seams (which are by no means bad looking, but a design choice). The biggest limitation of concrete is our imagination.

concrete design

At Fluidstone, we’re always excited about the endless possibilities with concrete. We also don’t believe it needs to be customised in any way to be stunning. It is stunning in the way that it naturally looks and feels. It’s difficult to truly explain that of concrete in words; it’s natural, earthy, organic. However, these words could also be used to describe wood or granite. 

The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi is the best way to explain the look of concrete, as it is all about finding the beauty in imperfection. It can be used to appreciate anything from antiques and tarnished brass, to scribbled children’s drawing and ripped paper. So, whilst we strive to create what we plan each time, the natural and inevitable variation in each piece is one of our favourite things about concrete. They are handmade and characterful, which isn’t something you would necessarily get from a factory.


An example of Wabi-Sabi Photography

Another reason why we love concrete is that we believe it is a sustainable material for our work. Lots of people seem to care about sustainability, but ultimately, it isn’t usually what sells. Plastic packaging is favoured as it’s readily available for example. 

Sustainability can be a tricky concept to get your head around, as it can be defined in many different ways. It is most commonly thought about as products which are long-lasting, with consideration to what they’re made of and where they’re from. 

We believe that concrete is a sustainable solution to worktops as it is:

  • Made locally with simple and easily available materials
  • There is a low carbon footprint associated with sourcing the materials
  • Durable and easy to repair
  • Has a timeless design
  • It is possible to recycle it at the end of its lifetime

All this is why concrete is one of our favourite materials. It takes something as simple as sand, cement, and water and turns it into an art form. If you want to know more about how we make out concrete creations then you can read about it here. Or, if you would like your concrete ideas brought to life, please contact us and we can work with you to make it a reality. 

Why Concrete is Our Favourite Material
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Why Concrete is Our Favourite Material
We love concrete. It takes something as simple as sand, cement, and water and turns it into an art form.
Fluid Stone Studio
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Fluid Stone Studio
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