Surface appearance

Due to the natural raw characteristics of the materials used each piece will be unique. Surface detail, colour and shade will vary from piece to piece. Colour and shade variations, speckling, hairline crazing,cracking,air pockets and patina all add to the beauty and appeal of concrete. These variables are uncontrollable so therefore no guarantee can be made that any samples provided will be exactly the same as the finished piece. This is also true if a project requires multiple cast pieces. Due to the natural shrinkage characteristic of concrete all measurements will be subject to a tolerance of +5mm -5mm. These tolerances will be equalised during installation. Fitting gaps of up to 5mm are required for joints and adjoining walls. These will be filled with a colour matched grout or silicone.


We have worked very hard to produce the strongest hardest concrete possible. This also means it is also naturally very dense. We apply a two stage sealing process which penetrates deep into the concrete and further densifies the surface. It is a reactive process which will continue to cure and densify over time. No regular waxing or re-sealing is required. When the concrete tops are freshly installed they are still considered ‘green’ and should be treated with extra care for a few weeks while they cure. You will notice the concrete darken when wet things are placed on it, this is a normal occurrence which should not cause concern. During these first few weeks we recommend you keep the tops as clean and dry as possible. This certainly does not mean you can’t use the tops, in fact using the tops will actually speed up the curing process. All you need to do is the wipe the concrete down after use and not leave anything wet in contact with the surface. Leaving wet glasses or cloths WILL damage the sealer during the first few weeks – (it is repairable but prevention is better than cure).

Once the sealer has cured the concrete tops will be very stain/scratch resistant and no further maintenance will be required. It is still recommended to keep the tops clean, wipe spills as they occur and avoid leaving acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon juice in contact with the concrete. Use a chopping board when needed and avoid placing very hot pans directly on the surface. To clean your new concrete worktops just use a soft cloth with warm soapy water and avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaners.


Sinks and any other non templated items will be delivered via courier for roadside drop-off. Products must be inspected before signing the delivery note. Once the product has been delivered and signed for any damage to the product is solely the client’s responsibility. Adequate manpower is to be provided by the client to ensure any large items are to be carried on site.


Full payment of the deposit is required before any template visit. All cabinets / carcasses must be fixed in their final position and should not be changed before installation. All hob and sink knock-outs and tap positions must be provided during the template visit.


It is the client’s responibilty to provide adequate manpower to help install any heavy items or long worktops. Fluid Stone Studio can provide extra labour at the client’s request which is chargeable at £300 per person per day.  It is also the client’s responibility to provide ample parking arrangements and clear access to the site. Fluid Stone Studio reserve the right to charge an hourly rate of £100 if the project installation is delayed due to any reason.


Sinks and other non templated projects must be paid in full before we commence work. All templated projects will require a 50% deposit before work will commence. The remaining 50% will be required after the project has been fabricated but before the date of delivery/installation. No refunds will be given once fabrication has commenced. Any changes to design will be added/deducted to the final invoice. All pieces will remain the property of Fluid Stone Studio ltd until paid in full.  Payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque or via Paypal.

Project lead time

Fluid Stone Studio will try to deliver all sinks and non templated items within three weeks of cleared payment, this however is not a guarantee. Once a template has been taken for any project work an estimated installation date can be provided.