A Guide to Cleaning a Concrete Countertop or Concrete Sink

So you have your new concrete countertop/worktop or concrete sink, fantastic! But now you need to figure out how to keep it clean. 

The first question you need to consider is – what kind of concrete worktops or sink is it? Is it porous or non-porous concrete? Is it sealed with a plastic coating or not?


How do I clean a sealed concrete worktop?

Your concrete worktop could be porous or non-porous. The non-porous type will have been treated and coated with a sealer. The important thing to keep in mind with this kind of countertop is that, even though the concrete is basically indestructible, the sealer material is not. 

Sharp and heavy objects and direct high heat could potentially damage a sealed surface. It can actually become damaged by certain cleaners too, so you will need to check what you are using. Water-based acrylic sealers, in particular, would be damaged or stripped away by harsh cleaning chemicals or solvents you might have around. It’s good practice to use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners for worktops with a sealer. Over time, abrasive cleaners could end up stripping away the sealer and then the concrete itself. 


How do I clean an untreated concrete worktop?

Porous concrete countertops, on the other hand, haven’t been treated with a sealer. This type can become easily stained, due to the porous nature of the raw concrete holding onto what has spilled onto it. It could require more abrasive cleaning methods to get rid of marks on the surface. 

Check with your worktop manufacturer for how it has been sealed and for the best solution to cleaning and maintenance. 


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“we have our own special way of doing things”

As a rule, at Fluid Stone we don’t use plastic sealers – we have our own special way of doing things. After the final polish, we leave the concrete for a couple of days to completely dry out before beginning our sealing process. This is something that we have mastered with years of practice. It involves using flames and Nanotechnology. This way, you get to keep the natural quality of concrete whilst creating a more stain-proof and durable surface. 

Regardless of the kind of countertop you own, you should be wiping it down as soon as accidents happen with PH-neutral wipes – addressing spillages before they set themselves into the concrete. These countertops are a big investment and you’ll want to keep it looking great.

Remember: as concrete countertops age, they develop a warm patina. This is a slight change in colour and how it develops its own unique aesthetic details. Concrete is the only kitchen worktop surface material that will do this. The result is a classic and individual finish to your home. 


How do I clean my concrete worktops?

There are sealers that are heavy-duty that could have been used, and this will mean that your sink or countertop will be pretty bulletproof. However, if you are unsure about the sealer material you should follow these tips to be safe. 

  • Use soap and water

Mild dishwashing liquid can go a long way when removing stains, and this applies to countertop stains too. A simple soap and water solution is safe to use on both kinds of countertops.

Use a cloth or sponge dampened in this solution to polish the surface in circular motions. As you remove marks and stains, rinse and re-wet the cloth before continuing. Rinse off any residue with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Avoid acidic cleaning products

The rule of thumb is to avoid using acids, which includes the likes of vinegar and citrus.

Acids etch the surface as they would on marble. Concrete is highly alkaline, and therefore highly likely to react with acidic products.


If you are unsure about a cleaning routine for your concrete worktop from us at Fluid Stone or would like to find out more about our products, please contact us. We’ll be happy to advise you. 

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How to Clean a Concrete Sink or Countertop
So you have your new concrete countertop/worktop or concrete sink, fantastic! But now you need to figure out how to keep it clean.