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Timeless kitchen countertops designed to outlive their owners

Concrete seems to have the ability to connect with human nature on an emotional level. When people see the organic qualities they instantly want to touch and feel the buttery tactile surface. The depth of colour variations, the idiosyncratic faults & highlights are what sets it apart from other surfaces. Concrete is not a commodity but an art form. It should not be considered a fashionable item but a timeless material which matures gracefully with true integrity. Visit any bar in Morocco and you’re likely to find a colourful concrete worktop with a rich patina that tells a thousand stories. At Fluid Stone we believe that our work surfaces are certainly designed to outlive their owners!


concrete sinks uk
concrete sinks uk
Concrete sink, Grey
We also handcraft custom sinks, basins and shower trays. All of our products are fully sealed, water tight and can be delivered with anything from a smooth soft matt to high gloss polish. Fluid Stone's concrete is of the highest quality - pure & solid, cast and steam cured in specially designed moulds.


polished concrete inlays

To create stunning focal points we can inlay interesting items such as geodes, fossils and semi precious stones into your countertop. We will then grind and polish the surface to expose the aggregate. You can also create custom finishes by adding your own personal mix of ingredients such as crushed shell, broken glass, metal flecks or anything else you can think of!

Rise to the challenge

Polished concrete worktops and islands
We can cast, deliver and install the even largest islands imaginable! Give us a call if you have any projects that require extra large or unusually heavy precast elements. We love to take on a challenge


polished concrete countertops with steel trivets For a real industrial looking countertop we can embed some stainless steel trivets which not only look cool but also help to protect the work surface against banging pots & pans